Re: [Gimp-user] Photo Restoration

On 23/09/12 16:39, Norman Silverstone wrote:

I'm a relative newbie at using Gimp or any Photo Editing software but
I have tried out some adjustments on photos using Gimp and am happy
with the results.
I have recently been asked if I could try to restore an old black and
white photo that is in quite bad shape, full of bends, scratches and
is also very grainy.
I have looked through the Tutorials and also done searches on here to
try and find something that would assist me in carrying out this
project but there doesn’t seem to be anything that I can find that
would help me.
I would be grateful if someone on the Forum could point me in the
right direction if some quicker/slicker techniques I could use other
that using the Cloning and Healing brushes as I have tried this and
it’s extremely laborious.

I have spent many hours restoring old black and white prints and there
is no short cut to getting good results. You might find some useful tips
in or in Best
of luck.


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