Re: [Gimp-user] How to draw with pressure dependend brush size

On 20.09.12 at 03:37 am Jehan Pagès wrote:
[...] I even think that this configuration of tablet
should be a default (then power-users may change the settings later,
but at least one-time users have a good experience with a suitable
tablet pressure).

I filed bug #684617 for this (see [1]).

I am actually not a graphist myself, rather a developer, but I am
currently working with one, and we are trying to get to a full
free-software stack. I will probably make a blog post later to details
all the process and all the tricks I learned from various people. :-)

That sounds interesting. I remember Ubuntu Studio as a similar approach and the website and am interested in reading your blog. When I was more often on the Linux side I liked to use Digikam+GIMP and played around a bit with Darktable.

I don't really understand here. Seems like very close to "Pencil
Generic" which is the default dynamics, isn't it?

I the past I saw 'No Dynamics' or 'Pressure Opacity' as defaults.

For me this is exactly what I got by defaults with "Pencil Generic".
Maybe there is something I did not understand in your new dynamics?

There's no bigger intention behind it. I checked various Dynamics settings, but overlooked 'Pencil Generic'. So everybody can use 'Pencil Generic' instead of building a new Dynamics preset.

BTW is there a need to ship these Paint dynamics settings with GIMP?

Obviously no, as we already have the 'Pencil Generic' preset.

Even better: if you plug 2 tablets, you can use different tools on
each (actually tested and working!).

Yes, that's great. The 'Device status' tab gives you a smart way to switch the settings for each physical pointer device.

What I would love to test is 2 pens for the same tablet: will Gimp
make the difference and record different settings for each pen (we
have 2 tablets, but unfortunately pens on each are not compatible, so
I can't test)? That would be awesome.

Indeed, because it allows a more natural workflow as you described then.
I think another prerequisite is 'multi-pen' support by the tablet. If the tablet doesn't distinguish multiple pens then no graphics program will be able to handle them separately. I already saw some tablets with multi-touch support (like the Wacom Intuos series), maybe they can do it. But please try and report back ;-)

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