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On Thu, 06 Sep 2012 00:12:47 +0200
adamjedgar <forums gimpusers com> wrote:

I am having a problem as a newbie gimp user.

i installed the dds plugin so that i can open files directly
from gimp instead of having to go through a third party application
such as dxtBmp.

Trouble is, i am having tranparency issues with some of the files
that are in the dds dxt5 format. they show up as if the transparency
on the main layer is set to 50%...and i cant seem to change it as the
transparency slider is already at 100%.

If i open some different fsx images that are in the dds dxt1 format i
dont have any problems.

Also, the dds dxt5 format images are opening perfectly in the dxtBmp
editing software.

does anyone have any ideas?

btw, how in gods name am i supposed to send a link for an image file?
what is it linking to??

Hi adamjedgar,
I can't answer your question regarding the dds files.  As for the part
about linking I'll assume you mean to show a link to an image/data
file.  That is done by uploading the file from your computer to a file
storage system that then provides a "link" to that file that others may
access & view.  There are many sites that offer this service.  Googleing
for "image hosting" will list several of them for you.

You then include the "link" in your message instead of the entire file
as an attachment (many lists don't allow attachments).


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