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Sorry to bother you with a problem you might consider trivial, but this is probably my only chance to solve my registration problem with the Plug-in registry. First, let me apologize for my poor english, french being my native language.
I have been registered for 3 years and 9 months under the name gpzt and a mailing address I have dropped for quite a long time now: “gpzt free fr”. My one and only address  is < guypoizat hotmail com> and it is the one I intend to use whenever I wish to contact the registry team. In spite of several attempts to change my account, I get the same answer which is that my address is already being used (of course, since it is mine and, strangely enough, it is the one that I use in ALL my mailing activity without any problem). Being a faithful user of The Gimp since 2007, I do need to be registered in the registry and I only wish to be known as gpzt, <guypoizat hotmail com”, with the same password I am currently using. I am willing to give you all the necessary information you may consider necessary in order to solve my problem. I just have had a problem trying to get in touch with Martin Egger about his plug-in “eg-copyright” because he couldn’t answer my message using the old, deleted address.
Looking forward to receiving a positive answer from Gimp, best regards,
Guy Poizat
F-66330 Cabestany

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