Re: [Gimp-user] exporting to psd format issue

I have took a look at the photoshop blend modes and there are a "color
burn" and a "linear burn" blend mode. I'm not sure if one of these are

The "grain-extract" and the "grain-merge" doesn't seem to have any
equivalent in photoshop.

If one of the burn blend modes is equivalent to the one in gimp it
should be easy to add support in the psd-export plugin.
The grain-extract and grain-merge would require more work i guess..

On Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 10:16 AM, Simon Budig <simon budig de> wrote:

samlive (forums gimpusers com) wrote:
The problem is the costumer want the project in psd format to edit it with
photoshop so I tried an example to chick if it will export it or not.
I designed an example and export it to psd, And I've got error message that
Blendmodes can't be exported and here is the picture of the error message
I've opened the image in photoshop and and I found all layers reset on Normal
So is there any solution for my problem?

Well - apart from the obvious answers (get your customers to use gimp,
ask adobe to support the XCF file format) it probably needs changes to
the gimp code.

Does photoshop actually support the "burn"/"grain-extract"/"grain-merge"
layer modes? I have no idea, but if it does the PSD plugin needs to be
changed to support these.

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