[Gimp-user] Win 7 icons

When I was running GIMP 2+ under Win XP all icons of *.xcf displayed
the image in the icon.

Under Win 7, only the GIMP icon is displaed. Is there a CODEC or other
method to have the *.xcf image to display properly as an icon?

There is a Windows Explorer extension that creates thumbnails for a large number
of image types including .xcf. Its called Sagethumbs and integrates into the
explorer shell very well.

i personally have version installed on my Win7 64 bit system, and with
it installed I see thumbnails of xcf files in all 8 explorer views; content,
tiles, details, list, small icons, med icons, large icons, and x-large icons.

It needs administrator privileges to install correctly on Win 7, so right click
on the downloaded file and select run as an administrator. Didn't even need a

Quual (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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