Re: [Gimp-user] Python script query

On 11/12/2012 02:13 AM, Lorgach wrote:
Thanks a lot for the sugestions guys, I'll probably keep pluging away at trying
to get some working code as time permits as I'm interested in learning Python.
I was hoping that I'd be able to easily modify some script so that I could maybe
build two working plug-ins that would speed up the editing of Gifs for me.
Ofnuts ... I use your 'Mirror Layers' plug-in and find it a great help. It was
this script that I was hoping to be able to modify so that I could build both a
'Delete Every 2nd Layer' and also a 'Delete All Layers from a specific one'
plug-ins which would give me a nice editing suite along with the 'Mirror Layers'
for editing Gifs that are processed from videos as there's usually a lot more
frames downloaded than are necessary.

Contact me directly (I'm on Gimforums/Gimptalk/Gimpchat) if you need help adapting my scripts (or explain me more in detail what you need).

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