[Gimp-user] text tool chanes text properties when i paste over old text content

Hi, i switched gimp 2.6 to 2.8 and new text tool behaves strangely, as i remember in gimp 2.6 when i try to 
change text content with selecting old text and pasting new text i could use same text size and same font 
with my old text without doing anything but now in the gim 2.8 whenever i try to change content of a text 
layer i need to choose again font and text size from toolbox options, but why do i have to do this, i have a 
text placed on my image with a certain font and certain font size and i just want to alter my text conten not 
the size of text or font , it changes automatically to back text size and font whatever i used last  time in 
another work. 

summary: i want to change my text content without setting my font and font size properties, i want to use my 
text layers old properties, please give the feature back...

realbezo (via gimpusers.com)

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