[Gimp-user] My GIMP interface changed?

2012/5/31 strong <forums gimpusers com>

2012/5/30 strong <forums gimpusers com>

Hi, i want to ask, i have GIMP 2.8 version. After download, its normal.
But, yesterday the interface its changed to 'old windows theme' style.


This URL is unusable as is, and when I get an image, it's so small to
be unreadable.

sorry, this is: http://s17.postimage.org/7yh5p4ga7/gimpold.jpg


This is an image of GIMP 2.6.
Olivier Lecarme

Yes, but i mean the button, see my screenshot, how i change it?

Still don't understand what you mean. The image called Gimp-fullss
shows three windows of GIMP 2.6. The image called gimpold shows three
windows of GIMP 2.8, taken at a different time since you cannot see
the initial flash image and the other two images at the same time. The
yellow painting only shows normal features. What do you expect instead
of that?
Olivier Lecarme
Here is the win7 them i mean:
compare to the old one, truely this is on win7 too:
do you understand?, just about the interface to use GIMP

strong (via gimpusers.com)

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