Re: [Gimp-user] Ppm 16bit handling

On 05/07/12 06:04, Simon Budig wrote:
bruno buys net br (bruno buys net br) wrote:
I noticed that when I open a 16bit ppm in GIMP 2.8, the file opens
without the 'gimp can't handle 16bit, it will loose data, etc...'
notification. But if I open a tiff version of the very same raw
file, the notification does pop up. My understanding is that current
GIMP 2.8 can't handle 16bit, regardless of file format. Is that
Yes, these warning dialogs are generated by the file-format plugin and
it seems the ppm plugin just silently discards data.

Gimp 2.8 is limited to 8 bit per channel, but if you feel adventurous
you are invited to try the current git version of babl/gegl/gimp and
experiment with the new high-bit-depth support. This still is strictly
unstable and has an inconsistent UI in lots of places. It is fun though

I hope this helps,
So after a bunch of package installing and compiling, I am successfully
running Gimp 2.9.1 from git, on debian wheezy.
The thing is, when I open a 16bit tiff, Gimp *still* pops up the "can't handle 16bit, information will be lost...". After opening the file I go to Image > Precision and change to 16bit. But from what I understand, setting the file to 16bit *after* it was downed from 16 to 8 doesn't help. Information was already discarded in the first conversion. I don't understand: can't Gimp just open the file as it is, with no conversion whatsoever, since
support to 16bit is there?

Thanks much,


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