[Gimp-user] Help! Problem with gimp-curves-spline procedure

Hi All,
I've been trying to make gimp-curves-spline get variable (which is number) instead of number and I get error.

For example -
when I do:
(gimp-curves-spline drawable 0 6 #(0 0 0 15 255 255))

everything works well as it should be.

but if I do:
(define spoint 15)
(gimp-curves-spline drawable 0 6 #(0 0 0  spoint  255 255))

I get an error: Error: Item 4 in vector is not a number (argument 4 for function gimp-curves-spline) #( 0 0 0  spoint  255 255 )
As you can see, all I did was replacing the number 15 with a variable (which is a number)
I also check it is a number by the number? type predicate

Any thoughts?

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