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G'MIC is already part of the Useful Plugins available on my website.
And it is 64-bit.

On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 8:37 AM, Paul Saumane <snoopysaum free fr> wrote:

Ahead of installing 2.7.6 (which appears to be 2.8)  My PC had 2.6.12
(64bits unstable installer from Jernej) and 2.7.5 with G'MIC.
- 2.7.6 (64 bits)(2.8) installed properly in its own directory.
It was impossible to install G'MIC (64bits) with an alert saying to
install a GIMP upper than 2.7.3,  the current G'MIC being not avalaible in
64 bits.
- Uninstalling 2.6.12 idem
- Uninstalling 2.7.5 idem
reinstalling 2.7.5 then I could reinstall G'MIC in 2.7.5. Also the
installation of Useful Plugins (2.7.6) was possible but in fact they
installed in 2.7.5.
- Launching 2.7.6 (2.8) is ok without G'MIC of course
- Launching 2.7.5 gives an alert :
"the entry point of procedure
_ZNSt8_detail15_List_node_base11_M_transferEPS0_S1 cannot be found in the
dynamic links library libstdc++-6.dll"
When clearing the alert 2.7.5 starts properly and in the filters I find
G'MIC and Shell Out.

Any clue
- shall I clean up the PC from all GIMP installation ?
- is there a missing reference somewhere ?

OS : Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits

Thanks and regards

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