Re: [Gimp-user] minute displacements in clone brush

At 01:59 AM 3/18/2012, John A. Wallace wrote:

Hello, if this is the wrong place for the sort of question I have, please
advise where would be better.  I am not a Gimp guru, not as yet anyway.  I
am using Gimp 2.6.11 on Windows OS.  When I use the clone brush to copy a
part of an image to a nearby spot on the same image, I often use the circle
brush in Normal mode. There are many instances where I do not manage to
place the circle down exactly in the right spot when I am ready to make the
change, and I then have to reposition it by a minute amount.  It is sometime
difficult to move it by just a fraction by using the mouse pad. It would be
swell if I could use the arrow keys for the close in work to move it just
barely, but the arrow keys do not move the circle at all.  Is there some
combination of keys I can use to make the arrows work like that, or is there
an alternative to my approach?  thank you.

If you place the spot on a new layer you could reposition the layer a pixel at a time using  the arrow keys, then merge the layer down to the layer beneath it.

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