Re: [Gimp-user] Calculate area and diameter

On 01/22/2012 01:10 PM, Dutch-User wrote:
Hi everyone. In my collection of pictures, I found GIMP useful and easy to measure the diameter of a 
near-round coloured object. However, since the objects are not exactly round, I have to measure a few times 
and than guess for the average diameter. Now I've seen there's a way to select these objects by the colour 
they have. Does anybody know if there's an easy way to have GIMP tell me the overall area of the object, and 
the mean diameter?

A while ago I calculated area by creating a transparent layer and painting with a brush the locations that I wanted to include in the area. Then using GIMP's histogram (color>Info>histogram), I got a pixel count for that new layer. (Side note, make sure you have the right layer selected in the layers dialog)

Then I used a proportion ( Pixels:Inches ) that I got from a scale in the image to calculated area.

There might be a easier way to calculate area since you have simple shapes, but this worked perfectly for me, because my shapes were highly irregular and needed human interaction to determine what should be measured and what shouldn't be.

-Stefan Maerz

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