[Gimp-user] Rene from Sydney's brilliant Gimp for HP install solution

Hi Michael - I understand what you are saying but it only worked for me when I did it this way - I tried the 
surgery on the original version that I downloaded but couldnt get it to work.  Maybe there was something 
corrupt with that version.....the second download seemed to work better.  But if you can get it to work 
without all the "superfluos" steps then cool.  Having said that - I still am grateful to Rene for answering 
my question and providing a detailed solution when it was asked.... 

On 22.01.2012 13:23, NoviceGimper wrote:
This post is for HP users who are struggling to get GIMP to install correctly.  All credit for this goes 
to Rene from Sydney (on this forum) who gave me step-by-step instructions on how to to get the 
installation problems sorted out for HP computers.  (Eternal thanks to you!!!!)I am reposting the 
instructions here for other HP users who are having the same installation problems - maybe we could have 
these instructions in the FAQ of the GIMP website. I dont know about anyone else but just renaming the 
file didnt work for me - however this worked like a magic trick.  Again - this solution must be credited 
to Rene.

Here Goes:

1.  Deinstall GIMP 2.6 (If you tried to install and got the entry point error)


2.  Open computer/C-drive/Windows/System 32 and search for intl.dll
3.  Rename the intl.dll file to intl.bak
4.  Close the "System32" window

These are the steps that get GIMP plug-ins running in this scenario.

5.  Download and install GIMP 2.6 - when it has installed you might get the same entry point error message 
again - exit through all the entry point windows until it launches the "incomplete" programme (this means 
when the programme can open a blank canvas, but cant do much else because of all the missing .exe.

Why download and install GIMP again?

6.  Close GIMP

That should be step 0.

7.  Open computer/Local Disk C/Program Files (or whereever your pc saves your programmes to)
8.  Search for GIMP-2.0 and open.  Open bin. Search for intl.dll and copy the file
9.  Paste the "intl.dll" file into GIMP-2.0/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins and close window.

You won't need steps 2-4 and 10-11 then.

But you'll have the same problem again if GIMP ships with a newer 
version of libintl.

10. Go back into computer/local Disk C/Windows/System 32 and search for intl.bak
11. select and rename intl.bak into intl.dll.

12. Ask HP when they will fix that from their side.


NoviceGimper (via gimpusers.com)

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