Re: [Gimp-user] Verse compatibility?

On Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 11:20 AM, Edward Arrington wrote:

Hey all,

     I'm new, I just started experimenting with GIMP based on an interest of
collaborating with many different people online. Several years ago I found a
GNU utility called Verse which is now not very well cared for.  Even having
said that, my hope is that maybe some people that develop GIMP will take on
making the connection between the two apps so that GIMP can participate in
online collaborative art work like a wildly popular but limited drawing
utility Oekaki.  Anyone else interested in collaborative working?

Hi Edward,

I briefly discussed Verse and its future with Jiří Hnídek, its
developer, in late 2010. In short, he thinks that using network
protocol for sharing has proven to be the wrong approach. So Verse
needs a redesign anyway.

The other thing is that we are moving to GEGL, a new image processing
core, so Verse also needs to be rewritten with that in mind. Øyvind
Kolås, the current maintainer of GEGL, can probably explain the right
approach better, and AFAIK, GEGL already has bits of architecture for
collaborative editing in place, but I could be very much wrong.

Alexandre Prokoudine

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