Re: [Gimp-user] Fix Orientation ?


Some slideshow programs use EXIF-data to determine orientation and
rotate images automatically. If you only change orientation and leave
EXIF-data unaltered the rotated image will be presented in  landscape
view as before.

I have a liittle perl script here, not only reducing image  sizes of
multiple  images, but also rotating selcected images , determined by a
tabbed list. It uses image magick, but it could be modified using perl gimp.
The program also uses EXIF-data to set modification date, so a slide
show in chronological order is enabled.

Have a lot of fun.


Documentation isn't quite ready.

Ronald F. Guilmette schrieb:
In message <CAEOUvC6551FG70Hs6oCrKg9vH=rFZ_bjm_VM-goM5Hbf2=RM0A mail gmail com>
, Christen Anderson <christenanderson1994 gmail com> wrote:

Image --> Transform --> Rotate

Um, yea!  That's what I was looking for.  (I knew it had to be there somewhere.)


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