[Gimp-user] Installing new script ?

OK, so now that I've got my image oriantation all sorted out, now I have
a different problem...

I just took this shot, which I kind-of like, and I've already cropped &
reoriented it:


Unfortunately, however if you look close you'll see it has some rather
serious purple fringing.  Now I'd like to get gimp's help to eliminate

So I found this thing called "Darla-PurpleFringe.scm" and I just downloaded
it from this page:


The problem is that I've never installed a gimp script before, and apparently
I'm doing something wrong.

 see that I have a directory called ".gimp-2.6" in my home directory, and
i see that this directory has a number of further subdirectories, one of
which is named "scripts".  So I such the new .scm file into that directory
and then restarted gimp.  But contrary to the directions on the page listed
above, this new script _does not_ appear to be showing up underneath

What did I do wrong?

The file has permissions 0644.

Any help appreciated.  I sure would like to see if this purple fringing fix
actually works.

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