[Gimp-user] zigzag edges

hi all,

i am new to gimp and could really use some help.

i have pictures of several shirt fabrics which i need to crop. this is easy. however, i need to add an 
effect that will make the edges appear to be a zigzag shape. see link below. look at the edges of the 
picture (including the shadow). this is the type of image effect i'm looking for.


does anyone know how to do this? please help if possible.


As you can see from the other posts this is not an easy task to explain.

I think the easiest way is to make a set of zigzag brushes.
so you would need to know how to make those, not so easy for a beginner
then use them to nibble away at the edges not as a brush but with the eraser tool.

Other things you will need to know, how to add transparency.
something like this  http://i.imgur.com/DKB8a.jpg

Then comes the drop shadow, gimp has this filter already.
but you will need to know how to make a selection and invert it.
Finally you might need to convert the transparency back to some other colour (or not)
like this  http://i.imgur.com/zag9p.jpg

the two brushes + copies of the screenshots about half-a-MB

rich (via gimpusers.com)

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