Re: [Gimp-user] Photoshop vs Gimp for mobile dev?

On 12/31/2011 05:55 PM, Ronald F. Guilmette wrote:
But I also learned that there is a free "DNG Converter" utility available
on the site, an I just downloaded a copy of it, so I'll have it
later on, just in case.

The bad news?  Of course, it is only available for Windoze and Mac. :-(
Oh well.  Better than nothing if I can't get Gimp+DCRaw+UFRaw to work for
any reason.

Since this is not the kind of application that would be expected to
depend on proprietary Microsoft libraries, and runs on "Windoze and
Mac", it is very likely (99% or so) that it will work perfectly well
under WINE on Linux.  If you can get hold of any file that it can
convert, you can test it under WINE and if it works "at all", it
should work "for all" supported file formats.

Or if that fails, Virtualbox and and any old Microsoft OS installer
disk should be just a little less inconvenient than buying a low end
used computer with the required OS already on it...



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