Re: [Gimp-user] Rotate?

On 05/02/12 15:18, Kevin Brubeck Unhammer wrote:
"Erik P. Olsen"<epodata gmail com>  writes:


Thanks for this detailed description. Yes, I've rotated the layer
only, so now at least I know how to rotate correctly. But please
enlighten me why would you want to rotate a layer and not the entire

Because sometimes you have several layers (that's sort of the point of
layers, otherwise the concept of layers would be useless). Just to give
a simple example: you open an image of a mountain landscape as a
background layer, then add an image of a plane as another layer on top
of that. But the plane is flying from left to right, which is boring, so
you rotate it (the layer) so it's flying straight up. If you had rotated
the entire image, the mountains would be sideways.

Thanks a lot for the information. Makes sense but I am not yet this experienced. At least I now know how to use it if the need arises.


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