[Gimp-user] GIMP-2.7.2 and incomplete GIF file properties

Working up a graphics cursor GIF for use in a biological image measurement program. The GIF images I create with GIMP do not have the properties data filled in. Here are examples:

Fully-qualified GIF image properties -

"Image Type: gif (The GIF image format)"
"Width: 32 pixels"
"Height: 32 pixels"

The line topics are bold when viewed by Nautilus in Ubuntu Maverick 10.10.

incompletely-qualified GIF image properties [ created by GIMP, gifsicle, giftrans, all the <xxxx>paint programs ]

"Failed to load image information"

Strangely enough, the only program I have found to date that created the fully-qualified GIF image [incompletely qualified images are not recognized by ImageJ, the working measurement program] is OpenOffice-Draw. Unfortunately there are no controls over image size there.

Can someone advise me where I am missing the preferences input or a format setup in GIMP that writes  GIF 89a image with image properties filled in? An example GIF image with image properties fields filled out is attached as help-cursor.gif.

Any response appreciated.


Attachment: help-cursor.gif
Description: GIF image

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