Re: [Gimp-user] How can I create huge billboard sized files in super high dpi?

On Tue, 24 Apr 2012 21:44:39 -0400
"Tara Gover" <tarajenay mail com> wrote:

 Just today, I installed the latest GIMP, and it doesn't seem to be letting me create even a 58x72 inch 
image in 1440 dpi. Is there an add on or a way that I can create huge tiff files in GIMP?.....or do I have 
to shell out the cash and get Creative Suite?

58 x (88 x 3 x 12) = 183744 square inches, at 1440 dpi would mean
something like 183000 * 1440 * 1440 * 3 =  1143034675200 bytes. That's
1143 GB - entirely unpractical. I don't think even super hi res for
posters really means 1440 dpi (unless the image is scaled).

Anyway - I suspect you will want to look at vector images instead of
bitmaps. (or panelling)


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