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As a digital painter when selecting or making paint dynamics it is rather hard as you can not see what the dynamic will look like till you select it and start painting.  When in the middle of painting you don't have time to to constantly check all the different dynamics available.


I purpose that a live preview be shown when making a dynamic as well as selecting a dynamic.  I was playing around with the path tool the other day making a selection and stroking them to show off something.  I made my selection with the path tool and in the path dialog > paint along path I noticed the stroke with a paint tool. This option allows you to take any of the paint tools and stroke the path as if you were to trace the path with that tool. This was cool I had never seen this option before.  So I started playing around with it.  I switched my dynamic of the paint brush tool and found that if you stroke a path with a brush with a dynamic it will make a perfect line as if you were to apply and increase pressure up to the mid point and then decrease pressure down the the last point.

It occurred to me that this could be used to show off paint dynamics.  So I started working on the attached image.  It would be really nice if while making a paint dynamic a preview image of the dynamic you are creating be shown in the Paint Dynamics Editor.  Every time you change an aspect of the dynamic the path should redraw the brush with that dynamic.

Once the user is done editing the dynamic this image should be shown in the Paint Dynamic dialog.  Currently there is only one view of the list.  I think that there should be two more views added. First Grid view where you only see the image with out the title of the dynamic. And second a streached preview where the dynamic is stretched along the whole length of the dialog.

This should also be the case for Tool Presets.  The only difference between Paint Dynamic preview and Tool Presets preview is. Paint Dynamic Preview would show what ever FG/BG, brush, gradient, pattern, and palette the user has selected and the Tool Preset would show a preview of what ever FG/BG, brush, gradient, pattern, palette, and font that is saved to the Tool Preset.
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