Re: [Gimp-gui] GIMP Workspaces Concept

On 11/11/15 04:08, Andrew Pullins wrote:

>> How do you save a workspace in the first place?
> It is saved in a sessionrc.* file when you exit Gimp.

So if you were to save two different workspaces would there be for example photo.rc and drawing.rc?

Actually a and sessionrc.drawing

Then from memory you can also use an environment variable to make Gimp use a completely different user profile (with a different sessionrc of course, but also different add-ons (brushes, gradients, scripts, plugins....))

My question is more how do you create, switch, and manage workspaces. I imagine going to the window > workspace menu. Maybe have.

* New workspace...
* Manage workspaces...
* Photo
* Drawing

When you add new workspaces they get added to the list. Selecting a different workspace would change what dialogs are open and where they are.

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