[Gimp-docs] docs.gimp.org - restarted automated builds for the 2.10 (master) branch and the web site itself


I had a look at the automated builds on docs.gimp.org recently and found
that the build for 2.10 content - that is https://docs.gimp.org/2.10/en/
and the other language versions - had been blocked by a git checkout
problem for some time.

This has been corrected and the build is restarted, so the current
content from the gimp-help master branch should be present now.

I've reschedules the builds to happen at at 00:23, 08:23 and 16:23 GMT
every day. They write a short log file to

I've also extended the build to the actual website contents - that is
the index.html and some other pages.

This build runs every 10 minutes and rebuilds only if there are changes
present. Its log file is at https://docs.gimp.org/web-build.log

https://docs.gimp.org will now properly direct visitors to the 2.10
online help instead of the 2.8 version, and 2.10 does have up-to-date

P.S. I've also run make dist manually and got a tarball out of this -
it's at https://download.gimp.org/pub/gimp/help/gimp-help-2.10.0.tar.bz2

Any feedback to whether this tarball is suitable for distro and/or
installer packages would be helpful.

GPG: 96A8 B38A 728A 577D 724D 60E5 F855 53EC B36D 4CDD

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