Re: [Gimp-docs] Help needed for user manual translation


I have no up-to-date gimp-help repository here and it's a long time
since I have worked with the help files, so I'm not sure if I can
really help.
However, let's see...

On Sat, Sep 08, 2018 at 08:28:58PM +0530, Snehalata Shirude via gimp-docs-list wrote:
For localization of GIMP User-Manual we clone gimp user manual repository
into folder on /home/snehalata/SBS/gimp-help-2.


What exactly did you modify?

In my (some years old) the only variable you might want to
edit is ALL_LINGUAS: add mr to the list of languages.

But if I remember correctly, you could just call
    ./ LANGUAGES="en mr"
and it should work as well.

[...] and added files paths in AC_CONFIG_FILES

What? AC_CONFIG_FILES should not contain any language dependent files.

Then created a new folder named mr in po folder of GIMP repository
We put then all translated .po files into mr folder
We run ./ command

See above: try
    ./ LANGUAGES="en mr"
unless you are interested in all translations.

We referred the link

Ah, nice, I didn't know this one. Now see item 3.

Hopefully the po files you copied to po/mr are the edited versions of
those po files generated with
    make po-mr
(see item 6.)

Then we are running make html-mr command to see user manual of local
machine in translated form that is in marathi
But we are getting error like this:

root@Snehalata-Desktop:/home/snehalata/SBS/gimp-help-2# make html-mr
[POT] pot/preface.pot
/bin/bash: ../../../../../tools/ No such file or directory

There is definitely something wrong, the "../../../../.." part is the
value of the internal "top_srcdir" variable and should be ".".
What's you current working directory? Is it really
/home/snehalata/SBS/gimp-help-2? Then
    ls -l tools/
should work.

BTW, it looks you are working as user "root"; if so, it's a very bad
idea, you should change ownership of the cloned repo to your ordinary
user account and re-login as that user.

Then try
    make html-mr
and if that fails try
    make -n html-mr
to see if you get more information about what's going on.


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                -- Karlheinz Deschner

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