[Gimp-docs] Git repo rename: gimp-help-2 -> gimp-help

Hi all,

within the next hour, we are going to rename the new repository
on gitlab

from gimp-help-2
to   gimp-help

The -2 should have never been added in the first place, and
now with the change to gitlab it's the right time to correct

When the change is done, everybody needs to change their
repo URLs to:

git gitlab gnome org:GNOME/gimp-help.git

by either editing .git/config, or by saying:

git remote set-url origin --push above_url
git remote set-url origin above_url

We will probably need some cleanup commit after that,
I'm going to rename gimp-help-2.doap myself, but leave
everything else to actual help contributors so I don't
create conflicts.


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