Re: [Gimp-docs] The gimp-help-2 repository has moved to Gitlab.

On May 29, 2018 8:37:46 AM GMT+02:00, "ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ Σ" <dmtrs32 gmail com> wrote:
ui = auto
up = pull --rebase
default = tracking
email = dmtrs32 gmail com
name = Dimitris Spingos (Δημήτρης Σπίγγος)

With user name:dmtrs32
ssh -l $dmtrs32

Drop the $

$foo et al is a common convention for placeholders and supposed to be replaced by the actual value.

GPG: 96A8 B38A 728A 577D 724D 60E5 F855 53EC B36D 4CDD

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