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On Sun, Oct 09, 2016 at 09:20:43AM -0400, Roger Goodman wrote:
    Looking at the webpage at, I would like
to suggest the following changes (words or phrases between parenthesis):

First of all, thank for your revision.

2. What's New in GIMP 2.8?
GIMP 2.8 is another important release from a development point of view, even
more that(than) it was for 2.6. It features a big change to the user
interface(,) addressing one of the most(-) often received complaints: the
lack of a single(-) window mode. Moreover(,) the integration effort of( the
) GEGL library had(has) taken a big step forward, reaching more than 90% of
the GIMP core, a new powerful transformation tool, layer groups, new common
options, new brushes, improved text tool, and more.

Ok all seem good suggestions to me.

New single window mode

   With this new feature(,) it will be possible to work with all the
   GIMP dialogs inside one big window, usually with the image(s)
   centered inside. No more floating panels or toolbox(,) but the
   dialogs could be arranged inside this single window. This mode
   could(can) be enabled or disabled (all the - change to at any) time,
   even while working, and the option (will be remembered through the -
   change to: is persistent across)  sessions.


I'm not entirely sure what the phrase "but the dialogs could be arranged
inside this single window." means, so I won't make an attempt to change it
for now, but it needs to be changed somehow so that I can better understand
what is meant.

It means that you can move around the dialogs inside the single window
and dock them around at your will... it seems clear to me but ... I knew
this working before reading its description so I suppose I cannot judge

New file save workflow

   Now Save and Save as work only with xcf formats. If you want to
   export(save) an image in another format, say jpg or png, you have to
   explicitly Export it. This enhances the workflow and lets you simply
   overwrite the original file(,) or export to various other formats.


A new tool: Cage Transform

   With this new tool is now possible to create custom bending of a
   selection (by )just moving control points. This is the result of one
   of our Google Summer of Code 2010 students.


Improved Text Tool

   The text tool has been enhanced to support on(-) canvas text
   writing(,) and make(s) possible changing the attributes of a single


New layer groups

   It is now possible to group (a )set of layers(,) and treat them like
   an entity. It is possible to switch a group on or off(,) and to move
   the group in the layers dialog. It is easy to add / remove existing
   layers to a group(,) or to create / delete a layer inside the
   group(,) and it is even possible to create embedded groups of
   groups. It is possible to apply a layer mode to a group as you do
   with a single layer. All this greatly improves the workflow with
   complex multilayer images(,) making them easier to manage.


Cairo porting

   Started with GIMP version 2.6, all tools rendering on canvas is(are)
   now completely ported to [CAIRO]
   It provides smooth antialiased graphics and improves GIMP look. Some
   plug-ins have been upgraded to Cairo as well. Additionally(,) all
   tools now use an on-canvas progress indicator instead of the one in
   the statusbar.


New script API


       A lot of GIMP APIs have been rebuilt to simplify developing new


       To further enhances(enhance) scripting abilities, API changes to
       support layer groups have been made


Known Problems

   Working with graphics tablets could be problematic due to the GTK+2
   library in use. (If in this case - If this happens, ) either use the
   older version 2.6 or wait for the up(-) coming version 3.0 for the
   full GTK+3 support.


I may be a little comma-happy, but I am trying to improve

And I agree.

If I have misunderstood the meaning you were
trying to convey, please try re-wording the phrase again.

In reply to Alexandre Prokoudine, yes I misspelled grammar - I didn't notice
in my rush to get the message out, and my spell checker didn't complain (or
at least I didn't notice it complaining).  Mea culpa.

And let me say that whoever drafted this page has much better English skills
than I have in any other language, so many thanks for your efforts.  :)


Your precision and help is greatly appreciated. You see, I am still
learning English...

If no one has any objections I will commit these improvements in a couple
of days...

Thank you
Best regards


Marco Ciampa

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