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Den 29.06.2012 13:27, skreiv Joao S. O. Bueno:
On 29 June 2012 06:42, Ramón Miranda <mirandagraphic gmail com> wrote:
Ok i will record it as soon as possible, is there an order or steps to
follow?  in priority or something like that? if not i will follow my
freestyle :D
I think you shuld start by showing how to turn them completly off -
them showing how painting with no dynamics behave.

Then activate 1 mapping  at time, with a new dynamics mapping, and
show the effects (up to about 3 or 4 mappings)

Then document the existing pre-sets, or some of them (although the
video might not contian all of them - the manual should)


Yes, Joao.
People wondering how to activate these settings from the toolbox and from the menu.
A common question is: Why am I not able to edit the settings?
Answer: As with many other preloaded functions in GIMP, you are allowed to edit the dynamics settings only on copies or on self defined items.

As most people, I think, I am not using any kind of tablet and stylus, only the mouse. But a sequence about the use of tablet would be helpful.


2012/6/29 Kolbjørn Stuestøl <kolbjoern stuestoel no>
Den 29.06.2012 10:44, skreiv Ramón Miranda:

It could help a video showing some aspects on dynamics? i know how to
explain it but not how to document in "gimp-help" style.
Would be fine.
I know very little about these functions.
I can "translate" your explanations to GIMP style.

2012/6/27 Kolbjørn Stuestøl <kolbjoern stuestoel no
<mailto:kolbjoern stuestoel no>>

    Someone writing the documentations on brush dynamics?
    This is a completely new function and needs (re)writing.

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