Re: [Gimp-docs] Images not "translated"

Den 10.06.2012 21:58, skreiv Marco Ciampa:
On Sun, Jun 10, 2012 at 08:52:16PM +0200, Kolbjørn Stuestøl wrote:
According to "";
introduction.po is translated 100% to en_GB, it, ja, and nn.
In ""; the
images in these languages are collected from the C folder, not from
the images/LANGUAGE folder when making html.
I have not checked if this apply to other files too.

In my local copy the images are collected from my local language
folders as assumed when running make html-xx.
See the other thread... you have to look at
At the moment the images for Norwegian are copied from the image/it folder.

instead of
The nn images are Japanese.

this bug will be (hopely) fixed soon...
Hope so :-)

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