Re: [Gimp-developer] Fw: Hello! I neeed help with the gimp-pencil function of Script-fu

On 2022-10-25 23:03, Shlomi Fish wrote:
Hi again. It didn't work. Says Error: Invalid type for argument 3 to

вт, 25.10.2022 19:53, Shlomi Fish пишет:
It draws one small dot and does it well. But when I write it this way:

(gimp-pencil draw 2 #(s1x s2x))

... it returns error: "Error: Item 1 in vector is not a number (argument
3 for function gimp-pencil) #(s1x s2x) "
So what am I doing wrong?

(list s1x s2x)

The # indicates a vector, not a list.

(list->vector (list s1x s2x))


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