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After Jehan asked for help on

I sent you a response there too, just a bit ago.  😉

I plan to (try to) work the macOS package.

Sure. We now have someone new very recently who has been working on
compiling the dev code (finally!) for macOS. It's still a work-in-progress
but promising. Of course, the more we are, the better, so it should not
prevent you from helping too. This would be a great milestone, I don't
think I saw 2 active macOS code contributors at a time for the last 9 years
I have been around. 😲

I have never compiled GIMP myself.
I forked and cloned and
My first step will be to rebuild GIMP locally.


I already use jhbuild to build/package Grisbi for macOS. So this is
not a new technology to me.
But I guess that building GIMP will bring new challenges :-)

Yes definitely. Current contributor is trying to figure out a few issues
already, for instance:

I may even try to create a Universal Binary with both Intel and ARM
CPUs support.

Definitely M1 support would be awesome too.

I see the macOS binary is signed by "Developer ID Application: GNOME
Foundation (T25BQ8HSJF)". I guess someone here has access to the
private key.

Yes sure. But that's detail. Signing is already all set-up. Now what we
need to look at is to build and run (without crashing) GIMP dev code.
That's the next big thing. Signing is useless without this. 😛

Anyway as said on LinuxFr, discussing on #gimp IRC channel at
is probably the best (now soon going to bed and tomorrow might not be too
available during the day, but in the evening or next days, sure; you might
also be able to talk to lukaso, the other macOS contributor, on IRC too if



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