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Is there a build option for the meson build similar to the --with-pdbgen
for the automake AM build?

I am hacking at PDB procedures.  The meson build doesn't seem to generate
code using the PDBGEN tool (from the source in the pdb/groups directory.)
There is no mention of "pdb" in the meson_options.txt file.

Yes. It's one of the many issues we currently have with the meson build.

If not, I will open an issue.  Without the option, the meson build cannot
entirely replace the automake build.

Which is why the meson build is absolutely not replacing the autotools one
so far. We still officially ask people to use autotools (in the context of
a final build, like packaging; developers who want to contribute are
obviously welcome to use meson so that they can contribute to fix the

It is far from being the only issue:[]=Build%3Ameson

Patches welcome.


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