[Gimp-developer] digital painting on GIMP and the paint dynamics

Hi All,
My current interest in GIMP assets is flipped from brushes to paint dynamics and tool presets. The traditional or known as main assets (brushes, patterns, palettes, gradients, etc.), for me, this concept must be studied more. The idea is to improve the paint dynamics and write some articles about using them with tool presets and a minimal brush set.

The set of traditional assets on this research will be minimal because I want to have an approach impartial or made to all, if it is possible and, more focused on the painting characteristics of each technique ;)

I hope that developers, collaborators, artists and all interested in the digital painting topic could help me in this work, with suggestions, links, testing the assets, etc.

To organize all the paint dynamics and tool presets "ready to use", will be necessary a plugin for this scope on GIMP. In this sense, I am talking with Joao Bueno. I saw, also, a recent discussion about this topic here some days ago.

Grazie a tutti,

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