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Hello GIMP team,

I've been using Gimp 2.8 and only recently (for some reason) upgraded to
2.10. I am really impressed with all the upgrades. Particularly I've been
toying around with the symmetry tool. I am working on a tile based 2D game
and I was hoping you could point me in the right direction for an plug-in,
or a mod with a particular effect. If you can't help I hope my idea may be
an inspiration for further development.

With the development of this 2D game I have been copying tiles and placing
them around other tiles to see how well they blend together. I have done
this to make certain there aren't scattered artifacts touching or forming
lines on the borders. Instead I wish that if my cursor hovered over a tile,
as described by the grid function, it would repeat the tile either
horizontally, vertically or both depending on how I would define a cell
elsewhere. For example if I'm working on a south facing hill it would
actively duplicate "projections" to either side so I can see how changes
affect how the tiles would look together. Alternatively drawing on a west
facing wall could repeat vertically. While tiling both vertical and
horizontal would be useful for flat surfaces.

As is, the tiling function of the symmetry tool can have it's tiles fit to
size properly but it makes permanent changes to neighborimg cells. If
stroke limits are set to anything but 0 they only repeat to the right and
downwards. If the "projections"  don't find themselves in the next update I
would hope at least the stroke limits could be toggled to work both up AND
down, as well as left AND right.

Thank you for your time and attention. I am grateful for GIMP and all that
it has done for me. I am excited to hear back from you.


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