Re: [Gimp-developer] Mime type application/x-xcf in /etc/mime.types vs image/x-xcf in gimp.desktop


thanks for registering your media type to the IANA.  Let's hope it goes
smoothly.  Here are my comments.

Le Sat, Jul 31, 2021 at 02:15:53PM -0400, Liam R. E. Quin a écrit :
# Type Name


This invites browsers receiving an XCF file to display its contents
instead of asking the user whether to download the file.  But since the
current media type is `image/x-xcf` I assume that it is your intent.
If not, `application` will be a better choice.

# Subtype Name

Standard Tree (no prefix)

If the XCF format is only driven by the GIMP project, then the vendor
tree is probably what the IANA expects.  For instance, the media type of
Debian packages is application/vnd.debian.binary-package.

# Published specification

**Note**: RFC 6838 §4.10 says: "Media types registered in the standards
tree by the IETF itself MUST be published as RFCs.  RFC publication of
vendor and personal media type registrations is allowed but not
I guess it seals the fact that the format has to be registered as
"vendor", right?

I also think that the vendor tree is fine.  There is no loss of
functionality being in the vendor tree.

# Restrictions on Usage

The XCF format description is currently distributed under the
GNU Public License version 2 or later. GIMP is also part of the GNU
project and distributed under a GNU license.

I think that this point doe not need to be mentionned.  Contents in this
field in other registrations appear to be technical only.

## Deprecated alias names for this type

Maybe image/x-xcf ?

Have a nice Sunday,


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