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It is the Question (same as
Please teach me.

At the next coming 2.99.8, the Python script will avoid the crash. (See
#7106 (closed))
So, One question I have. It is not the issue!.

Can I rewrite my own Python scripts by referring to the
(official one) writing style bundled with GIMP 2.99.8?

Mostly yes. There will probably be some more changes so you will have to
change more from time to time until GIMP 3 release (when it will be

Because of I think that the scripting is so far from GIMP 2.10 era... (Too
high hardles / So difficult)

It's actually simpler in many ways, but yeah it changed (though bases
concepts still are the same). That's a fact. Also the Python binding used
to have some of the new features already (like dialog generation) which
makes the improvements less visible for people who were already making
Python plug-ins.

Are there any points to be aware of?
Or does the documentation exist for GIMP 3 scripting?

Not really. This is on my TODO list to write proper docs. We have some
starts in the devel-docs/GIMP3-plug-in-porting-guide/ folder in the
repository, but nothing yet which you can really call a proper

Is it premature? (Is it better to wait for a while? Will some change come?)

It's never premature to write docs. Sure there will be changes, and sure it
means some of the docs will be wrong and need to be changed before release.
But better start early and fix as we go than write dozens of pages of
documentation at the last minute.

This is actually a good way to contribute to GIMP with other than code. The
few random files we have in devel-docs/GIMP3-plug-in-porting-guide/ were
written by several people already. If you port your own plug-ins and want
to write documentation, do not hesitate. Right now it's a mess because
everyone wrote a bit of what they wanted, but with time and more people
giving time into it, the documentation will organize itself. 🙂


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