[Gimp-developer] Does it pay to be Open-Source?

Hello GIMP developers,

One of the things I've been enjoying is trying to use less and less proprietary software, and I've been 
thinking of becoming a developer for quite some time now.

I really love the passion and effort that's put in these projects, yours included, and I enjoy using them, 
but I can't say the same about creating my own Open-Source software; at least financially.

I want to ask you people out of curiosity because this project has existed for almost 25 years, and still 
going strong! Thus, I assume that you developers would have a lot of experience working with at least this 
Open-Source project.

So here goes:
Question 1:
What do I need to get started on making a project Open-Source? My guess is just my source code, a list of all 
the dependencies my program uses, and an account on a Git website (GitHub, or SourceForge are the two I know).

Question 2:
Can I still control or direct the program after I've posted it on a Git website? I don't mind other using my 
code for other projects, as long as I'm credited somewhere. I also don't mind it when people point-out flaws 
in my programs either, I or my team (if I have one) just want to be the one to fix it.

Question 3:
How do you make money off of Free software, and can you live off of it? I'm also wondering how money is split 
in large groups like yours. As much as I'd like to code Open-Source Software, I can't do it for free all the 
time as I'm on a tight budget.

Question 4:
How can you get your program recognised? It's one thing to code a cool program, but if no one knows about it 
then it won't stand a chance. I'm guessing the best thing is just advertise it on social media like 
everything else nowadays.

In conclusion, I'd love to be more educated in this topic as being Open-Source is something that I find 
beautiful in a way, as even if a project withers it's truly never dead and can bloom again in someone else's 
project. I'd also love to make Open-Source projects, but I fear that it may be a waste of time financially.

I'd love to hear from you.

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