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Dear GIMP developer, Hello, I am an amateur designer who loves GIMP very much, I used to think that adobe 
photoshop was irreplaceable until I came across GIMP, however, over time I am a bit disappointed with the 
current development of GIMP, which may make you angry, but I still feel the need to say something, please 
forgive the offense. Here are a few points I'd like to make about my expectations and views on GIMP
First of all, GIMP is no worse than Photoshop in terms of image processing, but in terms of memory footprint 
and speed, it's a lot worse, and I understand that, so I'm not complaining too much about it, but I think it 
can be optimized.
Secondly, from what I understand, GIMP is almost two decades old, which results in extremely old code, so 
many new features can be very difficult to add, especially non-destructive edits and multi-selected layers, 
which should be in the underlying layer.
So, I think GIMP developers, you can really try to rebuild GIMP again, because his code is so old, and as far 
as I know migrating from GTK2.0 to GTK3.0 is no less difficult than a rewrite.
In my understanding, the non-destructive edit is a very ground floor thing, he's like the foundation of a 
house, and the current GIMP is the equivalent of a house already built, but the foundation is very shaky 
because he lacks the most core of functional non-destructive edits!
I think non-destructive editing is essential for image processing because no one wants their workflow to be a 
destructive one, the same goes for layer multi-selection, there is a lot of logic to GIMP's work that is 
beyond my comprehension, and there is a deep meaning to it, but he does cause me great distress in my 
day-to-day experiences, such as the floating selection feature, where a new layer pops up a new window, and I 
think these are all things that can greatly consume the time we spend working.
So re-build one and refine these features as an underlying layer so that you can better refine this great 
software! The refactoring doesn't mean it kills the software, I think it means the rebirth of the software, 
and you can see how much BLENDER is refreshed after the refactoring, as I think GIMP can do!
Next I'll talk about a few features that can be used as a base build, for reference only.
The first is non-destructive editing, this is the basis for all filters and adjustments, and I think he is 
very important
The second is the layer selection operation, i.e. multi-selecting layers and transforming them at the same 
The third is that whenever we select a tool, we can arrange his tool options in the top column
The fourth is the hybrid style of the layers.
I think it's not necessary to change the image as a separate tool, but as an option, like Photoshop, to go 
back to the previous tool when I'm done, which saves us time when switching tools.
As a fan of GIMP, I really love this software, but the speed with which he is now processing images and 
updating the content makes me very sad, I always feel that I can't touch that most critical step, I really 
think GIMP should take the brave step of reconstruction, I believe you guys will complete a beautiful 
rebirth, just like back then, of course, reconstruction means starting from scratch, the time it takes is 
unpredictable, but than now, I would rather wait for your reconstruction, no matter how long it is!!!
Lastly, because my English is really limited, there may be description and grammatical errors in some places, 
please also understand, and finally, please forgive me for the offense, I really love this software so much!
Wishing you all a great life, thanks! Hats off to you great people!

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