[Gimp-developer] who or what decides "your language" in Windows ?

My Windows (10) is set to Romanian, both locale settings (date & time display, A4 paper etc.) and UI 
language. At the same time, GIMP UI is also in Romanian language (default 'System language' in preferences).


When I lick on 'Help' button in GIMP (say, right before closing something without saving first), a dialog 
tells me this:
#: ../app/widgets/gimphelp.c:809
msgid "The GIMP user manual is not installed in your language."


However, if I start GIMP either "as is" and set its UI language to English [en_GB] via preferences, or if I 
start GIMP in default mode but with 'set lang=en' temporary environment variable via .bat launch file – and 
so GIMP UI will display in English, the same "The GIMP user manual is not installed in your language." 
message appears.

Under what circumstances can the English user manual be displayed ? (in case this is somehow available) I 
mean, what l10n setting at OS level triggers that dialog ? Can this be forced (override) somehow in temporary 
mode ? (something similar to the 'set lang=en' environment variable mentioned)

At the time I installed GIMP, the installer itself were in English language, so that was not the installer's 


Cristian Secară

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