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Hi Adalbert!

On Thu, 23 Jul 2020 13:23:25 +0200
Adalbert Hanßen <Adalbert Hanssen gmx de> wrote:

Currently you get the option Edit>Paste as>... even if no image is on teh
clipboard. Then it takes awfully long untill Gimp tells that there is no
image to be pasted on the clipboard.

I've checked this, and GIMP responded instantly with that error message box, on
my mageia v8 x86-64 system with gimp 2.10.20 and running kde plasma5 and
klipper (with 8 GB of RAM).

So it seems like a local issue on your end. Can you try to see if it happens in
a new unix user?

This happens to me sometimes when I want to make a screenshot but my
screenshot tool doesn't do that.

I would suggest that Gimp check if there is something to paste before
offering any paste option and grey them out if there is no pastable image on
the clipboard.

The problem with greying out menu options is that often the user is unable to
tell why they are greyed out, and what to do to reenable them. So it will be a
usability issue.

Furthermore, GIMP will need to query the clipboard before displaying the
menubar or menu which will likely also be time consuming on your end.'t_no_such_thing_as_a_free_lunch

By the way: Is there anythingon teh Linux operating system level which shows
me what is on the clipboard? I mean other than going to an app and try to
paste whatever is thre and see what happens? can do it here, and there may be other
clipboard managers which can as well. Note that "operating system level" may
refer to several layers of kernel code, kernel modules, and processes of
various privileges on Linux, and they often can be replaced by
existing or hypothetical alternatives.

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