[Gimp-developer] Gimp 2.99 python3 plug-ins: writing a plugin to generate an image


is it possible writing a plug-in to generate an image without an opened
image? I found no examples. As a test I tried to open a file image only.
I've got the following message:

GIMP-Error: Procedure 'python-fu-openImageFile' has been called with an
invalid ID for argument 'image'. Most likely a plug-in is trying to work
on an image that doesn't exist any longer.

Here a code snippet:

def openImageFile(procedure, args, data):
    print("start openImageFile")
    return procedure.new_return_values(Gimp.PDBStatusType.SUCCESS,

class OpenImageFile(Gimp.PlugIn):

    def do_query_procedures(self):
        return ["python-fu-openImageFile"]

    def do_create_procedure(self, name):
        data = None
        procedure = Gimp.ImageProcedure.new(
            self, name, Gimp.PDBProcType.PLUGIN, openImageFile, data
        procedure.set_documentation(DESCR_SHORT, DESCR_LONG, name)
        procedure.set_attribution(AUTHOR, COPYRIGHT, DATE)
        return procedure

Gimp.main(OpenImageFile.__gtype__, sys.argv)

I tried also an scheme script using gimp-file-load. It is using a GFile
argument now. In 2.10 I could use a filename. How to create a GFile in
scheme in 2.99?


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