Re: [Gimp-developer] Automaticly append file extensions when exporting

On 1/15/20 4:23 AM, john silver via gimp-developer-list wrote:

The program should automaticly append the file extensions when
exporting. If you export it as a PNG then the .PNG extension should
be tacked on the end.

Works for me, the file name extension is adjusted to the extension of
the file type I choose in the export dialog's "Select File Type" list.

If you try to manually change the extension to something different
then the file type like trying to save a JPG format with a .PNG
extension then the program should give you a warning message and ask
if you are sure you want to do that.

Also works for me, when I change the extension, I get a dialog stating
that the extension doesn't match the file type, and asking me if I want
to do this anyway.

If both don't work for you, can you provide the list of steps you do?

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