Re: [Gimp-developer] gimpfu port to Gimp 3

On Sat, Jan 11, 2020 at 1:55 PM Lloyd Konneker via gimp-developer-list wrote:

Alexandre: Yes, that code, in master (2.99, the “dev” branch for Gimp 3)

In that branch, the has commented out the pygimp sub directory,
and the meson script does not subdir the pygimp directory (doesn’t try to build it.)

So an onlooker like myself wonders whether it is abandoned, or just waiting for someone to work on it.
Maybe there was a prior discussion about it, maybe a private discussion?

Around autumn 2019, GIMP in the master branch was ported to use
GObject introspection ( and
Python 3 (Lua and JavaScript plugins also possible now). My
understanding from talking to Jehan is that he ported some of the
existing plug-ins to Python 3 and moved them to The
rest was disabled from building/installing. According to Jehan, Elad
looked into other Python plugins and found out only two of them make
sense to be ported (I don't know which ones exactly, Elad will
probably elaborate).

Of course, there are also 3rd party Python plugins like the one you
ship with Resynthesizer.

I hope things are a bit clearer now :)


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