Re: [Gimp-developer] gimpfu port to Gimp 3

I think GimpFu is very useful to novice plugin authors and should be
retained for that reason.  GimpFu provides a much simpler, approachable
API, and is the part that generates the GUI automatically.

Also, there are probably thousands of plugins that use Gimpfu (granted,
many are trivial and rarely used.)  So it seems useful to port GimpFu for
backward compatibility.

Re: goal to support all languages equally.  That would be nice, but I don't
know how to do it.  Also, even if GimpFu is implemented in Python, couldn't
it be available to all languages via GI?  That is, GimpFu doesn't have to
be implemented in C to be available across languages?  So I think a good
strategy is to port GimpFu still in Python (a high level language where
many can contribute quickly) and then proceed to make it cross-language

I am still confused about exactly what parts of PyGimp need to be ported to
be able to say GimpFu has been ported.  I think much of PyGimp falls by the
wayside. Or at least the code is much smaller and easy to understand.

I have made some progress, see my repository, which has some design
documents.  But there could be many mistakes.

The problem of porting GimpFu seems VERY educational and interesting.  It
is a plum, that I can't believe someone else has not already plucked, and I
encourage others to get involved.  Granted, there might be a lot of drudge
work.  But at least in this prototyping stage, it seems fascinating.

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