Re: [Gimp-developer] How to create a GimpFloatArray in Python plugin?

Complicated stuff is necessary to implement a new GimpFu, which is what
makes it simple to plugin authors.  I am not writing a plugin, I am testing
old plugins with a new implementation of GimpFu.

In the master branch (version 2.99) of gimp repository you will see some
python plugins that have been ported, and they use PyGObject module (
import gi,  gobject introspection), which, yes, is complicated for many new
authors of plugins. But not too complicated since an author must only use
gi in the boilerplate for registration of the plugin, and otherwise a
plugin looks like ordinary python.  (And maybe a ported GimpFu is necessary
only for backward compatibility of version 2 python plugins.)

But the 2.99 Gimp has many changes to support gobject introspection.  Maybe
my question is: does exist the changes in Gimp 2.99 to support
GimpFloatArray? And I should have said a "version 3" Python plugin.

Sorry if that was not clear by my question, I am so near to the work that I
didn't express the big picture.

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