[Gimp-developer] GIMP accessability Voluntary Product Accessibility Template(R)

Good day

I found a link that gives info regarding the accessibility of GIMP for
vision impaired ect.

however, I cannot get GIMP to read the icons labels when hovering with a
mouse over them. The screen reader also does not read the menu and its
submenus and items.

As a vision impaired I have a great use for a image manipulation software
that can change images. For example, a very common need of mine is to want
to change a white (light) background to black and change the dark details
to white (or light green or something that I can see on dark background.)
Examples aremaps with a white background, sketches whowing some engineering
drawings and many more.

In addition I would like to filter images. Say first look at the red part,
then others ect (like for example finding something in a green dominant
background.) Also want to change contrasts and perform other filters.

So I am not sure if other vision impaired also have expressed desire to
access GIMP, but from my perspective it can be a most useful tool. perhaps
this may come as a surprise to many that assume that persons with vision
impairment would not be interested in GIMP or would not find it useful.  In
fact it shall give me access to many rather difficult challenges and unlock
information making things a lot easier to me.

Could you perhaps assit or point me to a person that can perhaps assist?

Kind regards.

Bernard Swart

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