[Gimp-developer] New Features: full screen crosshair pointer , customizable window/toolbar-dialog

2 New Features

1) "Full screen crosshair mouse pointer"

- additional feature "full screen crosshair", working like on Metatrader 4 trading platform 
extending lines up to edges (rulers)

- Option for switch mouse pointers settings directly from right mouse click menu "View" on a 
sub-menu, and/or key shortcut

- Full screen crosshair lines selectable color: black, middle gray, automatic or segmented (auto select color 
for make it more visible depending on background image colors), customizable color value

- Setting option for change pointers from center mouse click and/or space bar or other key

2) Additional Customizable toolbox/dialog window with custom added icons, where user can add standard 
filters/settings from menus and also preferences, using drag and drop or other method for add/replicate 
wanted feature to new custom icon bar that work similar to "shortcut"


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